Erectile dysfunction which is also known as impotency is a major health issue faced by many men. When you are having the problem of erectile dysfunction then you will not be able to get erection in a natural way. It is a very depressing health condition for men and that even becomes problematic for their partners as well. Men get depressed both mentally and their physical health also comes down due to this erection problem.

Now men don’t have to worry about these erection problems as there are many treatments available in the market. Medical industry has grown so much that you can get treatment for almost all the diseases but you may not be able to cure them forever.

Start using Tadalafil tablets which are very effective in treating erectile dysfunction in male. If you are having problem in getting erection then you don’t have to inform that your partner also now. Just reach your nearest doctor and talk to the doctor about erectile dysfunction and Tadalafil. Start using the medicine and you will be able to get erection in a normal way.


Tadalafil acts on the blocked blood flow. When the blockage is cleared then the blood enters the reproductive system of the body. When the penile area gets filled with the blood then the erection is achieved. When the spongy area of the penis is filled with blood then the penis gets enlarged.

Tadalafil is known as the champion of male enhancement drugs and it also has a nick name “week end pill”. Unlike other ingredients, which remain on the body for just 4 to 6 hours this medicine will remain in the blood for 36 hours. Other medicines are flushed out in just 4 to 6 hours or maximum of 8 hours. But when are taking this medicine then it is really difficult to flush out the medicine faster.

This medicine will hardly take 30 minutes to show its effect on the body.


Tadalafil 100 mg has to be taken by men who are facing difficulty is getting erection. But it would be better to talk to the doctor to get the right information about the right dose as the dose of the medicine differs from person to person. Take the medicine just with a large glass of water and make sure that you are taking enough water. Taking good amounts of water will help the hard tablet to dissolve faster in blood.

Take the medicine at least 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse. As the medicine remains active for 36 hours, you should always talk to the doctor about the gap between two doses. You should not make any dosage adjust without informing the doctor. Alcohol and smoking needs to be avoided when you are taking this medicine.


Here is the storage information about the medicine Tadalafil:

Side Effects:

Side effects are always normal for any medicine as they are seen when the medicine is not being used in proper way. You should take the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions. Taking excess of medicine will create side effects on the body.

Blocked nose, blur vision, head ache, nausea, dry mouth, chest pain, heart burning sensation, vomiting and stomach upset. Talk to the doctor if you are seeing any of these side effects and do not neglect the side effects for a longer time. Talk to the doctor if the side effects are persisting for a longer time.


Here is the list of precautions to be taken when using this Tadalafil:


Important Notes:

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