Stress, improper diet and irregular sleep cycle may cause erectile dysfunction in men and they are not able to enjoy their sex life. Men suffering from ED face difficulty in achieving erection and are not able to keep the erection for a longer time. This leads to premature ejaculation leaving both the partners unsatisfied.

Impotency and erectile dysfunction are common problems today owing to the defective lifestyle people follow. The fast paced life has left the people with no time to have a balanced diet and follow an exercise regime. Stressing resulting from work and personal problems aggravate the problems. The disorder has an adverse impact on the relationship and also results in loss of self-confidence in men.

Silagra has been found to be highly effective in treating impotency and erectile dysfunction in men. It can be used by people who are not able to achieve erection and also helps them keep a prolonged erection for better love making. The drug can also be used for male libido enhancement and thereby attaining greater physcial satisfaction. It contains Sildenafil Citrate also present in Viagra, considered a trusted medication for impotency.


Silagra works by increasing the blood flow in the soft muscles of the male organ causing an erection. A chemical produced by the body that leads to smooth muscle relaxation is protected from degradation by Sildenafil Citrate and thus causes firm and prolonged erection.

The erection of the male organ is directly related to the flow of blood in its soft tissues. Tension and stress cause cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) to degrade which results in vasoconstriction in soft muscles of the penis. The drug is an inhibitor of cGMP specific phosphodiesterase which is responsible for the degradation.

As this degradation is stopped, vasodilation of arteries occurs resulting in increased blood flow in the male organ, causing erection. Once the male reproductive organ is erect, the veins and the arteries get stiff and blocked, thereby retaining the blood in them to keep the stiffness intact for a long time.



The drug composition of Silagra 100mg is similar to that of Viagra which is also used for a cardiac condition. One must follow certain precaution while taking the medication which are described either by the physician or on the leaflet provided with the drug.

People with retinal pigmentosa, an eye disorder, angina, a history of heart attack, blood pressure, liver disorder, kidney diseases and allergic to sildenafil must consult the physician before taking this medication. Those undergoing treatment for HIV must exercise care while taking the medication.

The drug must not be consumed when the user is under the influence of alcohol. The dose must not exceed 48 mg in 24 hours. Extra dosage may warrant the need of medical attention. The doctor must be informed about any issues resulting from the usage of the drug.

Men suffering from Peyronie’s disease must first consult the doctor before taking this medication for the treatment of impotency as it can have complications. Individuals with a history of heart attack and high or low blood pressure must exercise caution while consuming this medicine.

Side effects:


There are many medicines which must be discontinued while taking Silagra 100mg  as contraindications may be caused. The protease inhibitors taken during HIV treatment is said to interact with the drug. The metabolism of sildenafil is inhibited by these inhibitors and increases the severity of the side-effects. Erythromycin, an antibiotic also interacts with sildenafil and affects its metabolism.

Contraindications of the drug include liver impairment, low blood pressure and renal dysfunction, etc. A drug containing nitrous compounds should be avoided during this medication.

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