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Giving birth to a baby is a dream of very women. Some women are lucky that they can get pregnant very easily but not all the women are so lucky. There are many women who have fertility problem for getting pregnant. For all those disappointed and unlucky women, here is a solution Clomid. The medical industry has worked a lot on this fertility problem of women and there were many medicines out of it. But all of them are really active and effective like Clomid.

Even after women being very healthy and energetic there are many women who cannot get pregnant. This medicine has to be used only under the supervision of health experts as this is going to be used for treating some very complicated issue of the women’s body. So always talk to the doctor for treating this kind of problem. As there are many medicines available for treating this problem but you should always use the one that is suitable for you.


Clomid is the medicine that can be used for increasing the chances of fertility. It medicine belongs to ovulatory stimulants class. This will induce egg ovulation process that means the egg production starts after taking this medicine. Now when the sperm hits the egg then women get pregnant easily. It actually works on those hormones which are responsible for production of egg just like estrogen.


You should talk to the doctor before you start using this medicine Clomid. The doctor should start the treatment to the patient only after completing complete check up of the patient is done. The complete plan of the treatment has to be planned in advance and you should also make sure that you are aware of the complete plan.

Ovulation process starts only after 5 to 10 days after you start taking this medicine. The treatment should normally start with 50 mg which is the lower dose of the medicine Clomid. You should take just one tablet per day and that has to be done for 5 days. You should increase the dose or the duration of this medicine Clomid only if the medicine is not working properly.

If the patient is not responding well or the ovulation is not happening in the first course then you should start another course with 100 mg. That means you should start taking two 50 mg tablets per day. This also has to be taken for 5 days. You should start taking the second course within 30 days after you have finished the first dose.

Do not increase the dose of the medicine Clomid more than 100mg per day. Increasing the dose has to be done only after talking to the doctor.


Here is the storage information about the medicine Clomid:

Side Effects:

Here is the list few side effects of Clomid:

These side effects are seen when you are not using the medicine in a right way. Talk to the doctor if you are not sure about the side effects of the medicine. These side effects are normally mild but should not be neglected if they are getting worst. Stop taking the medicine and inform the doctor as that you worsen your health conditions.



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