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Tadalis is a medicine used for treating erectile dysfunction which disturbs men both mentally and physically. You should talk to the doctor when you are facing problem in getting erection. You don’t have to feel shy in discussing about this problem to the doctor as this is the most common problem that every man faces at certain age in his life.


Erectile dysfunction is seen in those who are more addicted to smoking and drinking and there are also certain health conditions that cause erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused due to some side effect of taking a wrong medicine or taking over dose of certain medicines.


Start using this medicine irrespective of the reason for erectile dysfunction and irrespective of your age. This medicine works wonders on all those men who take it but you need to make sure that this medicine is right and good to go according to your health conditions. This medication is definitely safe and does not cause any side effects just because of using the medicine. Side effects can be caused if your health conditions do not suit these medicines ingredients.


So it is good to talk to the doctor before you start using the medicine after talking to your doctor.



The active ingredient used in making of this wonderful love medicine is Tadalafil citrate and this ingredient helps in improving the blood flow to the male organ area. There is an enzyme called PDE 5 which actually blocks the blood flow to the male organ area when the brain sends signals.


When the blood is blocked then there is no blood to fill in the spongy area of the male organ and hence no erection happens. But this ingredient acts as a PDE 5 inhibitor which will unblock the blood flow and will help in getting erection in a faster and quicker way.


You can start taking this medicine after you consult your doctor but one point to remember when you are taking this medicine is that you need to have interest towards love making and need to be stimulated and when there is no interest then erection cannot be occurred. Both brain and medicine work hand in hand.



  • You should get the complete information about the medicine and also the information related to dosage from the doctor. But the most preferred and recommended dose is Tadalis 20mg.
  • Take this medicine just once in 24 hours duration or as prescribed by the doctor. The gap between each dose of this medicine would definitely be 24 hours or more but cannot be less than that. So make sure to talk to the doctor before you take this medicine.
  • You can take this medicine with water and you can take it along with food or without food. The food not be too oily or should not contain heavy fats.
  • Do not smoke and consume alcohol when you are taking this medicine. It will reduce the effect of this medicine on your body:



Here is the list of precautions to be taken when you are using this medicine Tadalis 20mg:

  • If you are having any heart related, liver, kidney, low blood pressure or high blood pressure then do not take this medicine.
  • Do not consume alcohol or do not smoke when you are taking this medication.
  • Do not drive when you are using this medication as this medicine will create slight blurriness in vision and also dizziness as well.
  • Talk to your doctor about your complete health condition before you start using the medication.


Side effects:

Here is the list of side effects due to the use of Tadalis 20mg:

  • Upset stomach, inappropriate digestion, mild head ache, burning sensation in the chest, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth and blocked nose are the few mild side effects of this medicine.
  • You need to follow all the instructions and precautions given by the client properly to get the best results out of the medicine and also to avoid the side effects of the medicine.
  • But if you are finding any of these side effects lasting for a longer time or if you are experiencing any abnormal health conditions after taking this medicine, which you have not faced in the past then take to the doctor immediately.



There are certain medicines that are not to be used along with this medicine. You can get the list of medicines from your doctor or the pharmacist. Read the complete leaf let of the medicine Tadalis.


Talk to the doctor if you are having any such health issue. Kids and pregnant women should stay away from this medicine. Taking more than one dose in 24 hour duration can be very dangerous.

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