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Medicine Tadaga 60mg is intended for treating erectile dysfunction in male who face it difficult to get erection or maintain the erection for a longer time. When there is no regular blood flow to the male organ area then erectile dysfunction is caused.

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction like alcohol, smoking, unhealthy food conditions, depression, stress or due to side effects using some medicine. You can start using this medicine irrespective of your age and also irrespective of the reason for erection. This will give the same effect on the body.

This medicine is also known as Tadaga super and that is due to the long lasting effect that this medicine can give you when you take just one pill of this medicine. But before you start using this medicine for treating erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor in order to avoid any side effects of this medicine.



For any man to get erection, he needs to be stimulated and also be needs proper blood flow to the male organ area. When the blood flow is not normal to the male organ area then the muscles become stiff and stop getting erection.

The active ingredient Tadalafil acts on these stiff muscles and blocked blood flow by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase type-5 which is the main cause for erectile dysfunction. This Tadalafil in Tadaga 60mg improves the blood flow which indirectly relaxes the muscles around the male organ area.

This improved blood flow and the relaxed muscles will give erection and the male organ gets stronger as the blood gets filled in the spongy area. This medicine gives you affect for 24 hours to 36 hours with just one pill. It takes around 30 minutes to get dissolved in the blood.



  • You should talk to the doctor to get the best dosage information. Dosage varies from person to person.
  • If your friends suggests you the medicine for safe results, we still recommend you to consult doctor to get the right information.
  • The best dose of Tadaga is 20mg and this has to be taken just 30 minutes before the love making and take it with good amounts of water so that it will get dissolved faster in the blood and show its affect as fast as possible.
  • When you taking this medicine, you can take meals but do not take fat meals. Have light food that will make your body light and help you to just more out of this medicine.
  • Dosage adjust would be suggested by the doctor if the primary prescription is not working well but this problem with the medicine has to be informed to the doctor rather than you changing the dosage of the medicine. Always follow the prescription.



Precautions are common for every medicine. Taking precautions does not mean that the medicine is harmful. Medicine is always manufactured to treat a health condition and hence it cannot be harmful but when not used in proper guidance then it can be dangerous.

When you are taking Tadaga 60mg then make sure that you talk to the doctor about your complete health, prescription medicines, non prescription medicines, herbal supplements or any nutritional supplements being used by you.

Heart patients and people who have chest related health issues should stay away from this medicine or talk to the doctor before you start using this medicine.

Take the medicine just once in 24 hours or 36 hours duration. It is better talk to the doctor about the gap between two doses.


Side effects:

  • Every medicine has some side effects and they are normally mild if you are following all the precautions given by the doctor and also using the medicine as per the dose given by the doctor.
  • Nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, facial flushing, mild head ache, chest pain, blur vision, redness in eyes or blocked nose are the few mild side effects of Tadaga 60mg.
  • These side effects are seen in the first time users and it is seen in just 1 percent men only. If you are seeing them for a longer time then you should talk to the doctor immediately.
  • Talk to the doctor if the erection is persisting for a longer time also. Medicine works for 36 hours but that does not mean that the erection remains for 36 hours.



  • When using this medicine stay away from nitrates and other male enhancement drugs to stay safe.
  • Get the list of medicines from the doctors which are not supposed to be used in combination with Tadaga 60mg. This is a very useful information as some medicine give reaction when used with male enhancement drugs.
  • Stay protected from STD’s and other diseases that spread through love making. Talk to the doctor for preventive measures.
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