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Tadaga 40mg is an oral medicine used for treating erectile dysfunction. This medicine will give you wonderful results in getting erection and also has been approved by FDA as a safe medication for treating erectile dysfunction. You can start using this medicine only after talking to your doctor.

There are millions of men in this world who are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction. ​​This medicine is used for treating erectile dysfunction in male and is known to be the safe medicine for these erection problems. You should not worry if you are having any problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

They are very common in very man but it is just a little delay in showing its effect on the body. Some people face the problem at an early age and some face it at older age but every man face this problem. Start using this medicine and it gives magical results on your body.

You should use this medicine only if you are interested in love making. Some people do not get erection as they are not interested in love life but deny accepting the fact and trying different medicine but this medicine will not work if you have no interest.



The active ingredient of Tadaga 40mg is Tadalafil and this medicine works just wonders on your body. The job of this active ingredient is to act as a PDE 5 inhibitor. When there is any blockage of blood near the male organ area then that is due to this PDE 5 enzyme.

Tadalafil acts on this PDE 5 and improves the blood flow to the male organ area. When there is proper blood flow then you can easily get erection and you can also relax the male organ area muscles. When both blood flow and muscles are free then it gets easy for man to get erection.

Erection achieved using this medicine will sustain for a longer time. You need to use the medicine only after taking to the doctor and only as per the prescription given. It takes very less to show its effect on the body and the effect also lasts for good period of time.



  • This Tadaga 40mg is a 40mg pill and has to be taken once before your love making session. This medicine takes 20 minute to dissolve in your blood.
  • Take it along with one large glass of water and this water helps the medicine to dissolve faster in the blood and reach the required area.
  • Dosage adjustment would be suggested by the doctor if it is not acting as per your requirement or if you are facing any side effects due to the usage of this medicine.
  • Do not make any changes to the dose given by the doctor as the dose is given after examining your health conditions completely.
  • Take the medicine only with water and you can have meals but not heavy meals when you are taking this medicine.
  • Do not take the medicine with alcohol as it reduces the effect of the medicine and also known to be the main reasons for erectile dysfunction at a very early stage.



If you are using any other medicine for treating erectile dysfunction then do not take this medicine Tadaga 40mg or stop using the other medicine before you start using this. Both can get overdose and cause serious side effects.

Try not to drive when you are taking this medicine as this medicine may cause drowsiness or dizziness. Talk to the doctor before you start using this medicine.

If you are having any heart related problem or recent had heart attack then talk to your doctor and make sure that you are safe to use this medicine. You should also get the medicine list of ingredients used in making of this medicine as you can be allergic to any of those ingredients.


Side effects:

Here is the list of side effects caused by Tadaga 40mg:

  • Just like every medicine this medicine is also having few side effects but are very mild and disappear in few hours or as soon as the effect of the medicine comes down.
  • Facial flushing, vomiting, nausea, upset stomach, chest pain, heart burning sensation, mild head ache and dry mouth are few side effects of this medicine.
  • Talk to the doctor if any of these side effects are persisting for a longer time.



  • Take preventive measures to stop the spread of STD’s like HIV and other as this medicine Tadaga 40mg will not stop the spread of virus.
  • It also does not prevent unwanted pregnancy. Take necessary contraceptives.
  • Nitrates are not supposed to be taken when you are taking this medicine. If you are facing any problems like chest pain or if you are using medicine that has nitrates then talk to your doctor.
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