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Priligy – Most efficient Medication for Premature Ejaculation Treatment


Product Description about Priligy (Dapoxetine) Generic 60mg:


Many of the men nowadays face problem in maintaining a healthy and happy love life. It may be due to the work or personal stress or may be owing to hectic lifestyle. Whatever the reason is treatment and medical attention is crucial. Premature ejaculation treatment is also one of the main reasons that you are not able to enjoy your love life to the fullest.  Priligy Generic is one medicine which treats this disorder effectively and provide you better opportunity to enjoy your Love life.


Priligy Generic is the trade name for the medicine dapoxetine. It treats premature ejaculation among men. Dapoxetine 60mg is in fact the only medicine which has been approved and is widely used for treating premature ejaculation disorder. Premature ejaculation is responsible for 40% of people experiencing bad love life. It is quite famous in United States and is also sold in many other countries too. Apart from treating premature ejaculation this medicine brings down the stress level and makes you enjoy your love life even more. Men can take this medication after getting proper advice of the health expert.


This medication is an effective solution to treat premature ejaculation and it is available at our online drug store. It means this is a one stop solution for your love life. You can make your love life more pleasant and comfortable with this kind of medication. It is also known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors i.e SSRIs. It mainly suppresses the hormone responsible for premature ejaculation.


Information about working of premature ejaculation treatment (Priligy):


Buy Priligy online treats premature ejaculation amongst men. The dapoxetine hydrochloride content in the medicine acts as a short acting inhibitor which treats the disorder due to which men climax too soon. Active component utilized in a Priligy generic is Dapoxetine. It's classed under the picky serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) type of medications. It is approved in various countries. Action of this medication is actually described here. Men who usually climax too soon have a low level of bodily chemical known as serotonin. And it is this reduced level of serotonin that triggers a man to climax a lot quicker than what is needed.


This is done by increasing the level of serotonin in your body.  Lower level of serotonin is actually the reason behind premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine 60mg postpones the breakdown of serotonin which invariably increases the level of serotonin.


The effect of this medicine is for a particular frame of time. This means the effect of the medicine remains for a particular time after which the effect is minimized. So it is best if you consume this medicine an hour before love making.


The effect of this medicine remains only for a brief duration that means that the actual Dapoxetine 60mg increases the serotonin amounts in the body only for a couple of hours and doesn't allow it to remain at these higher amounts for a prolonged period.


Normal Dosage of  Priligy Online:


  • Consult your doctor for advice on dosage and quantity levels. Take it with a glass of water or milk for better results. It is advisable that you take this medicine an hour before love making.
  • The recommended dosage for starters is usually 60 mg but the dosage would depend from person to person depending upon the reaction of the medicine.
  • For example some may even be prescribed 30 mg or for few whom it does not work effectively the dosage would be 120 mg if the earlier dose does not work as expected. If you forget to take a dosage skip it and continue with the normal daily dose.
  • Consuming more than required dose can have side effects on your body so ensure that you continue only with the prescribed dosage.


 Storage method of Buy Priligy:


There are some storage methods for Priligy which a user should follow. Please see some simple steps below for proper storage:

  • User should be aware about the perfect place for the storage of this pill.
  • It is necessary to store this drug in a clean and dry place.
  • This pill should be avoided from women, children, heat and moisture.
  • Storage is best at room temperature for 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Protect from light and moisture.


Precautions taken while consuming Buy Priligy Online:


Generic Priligy is the best medication for treatment of premature ejaculation. But it also has some common sort of negative impact that people should be aware of them. Priligy is generally prescribed by doctors because there is a risk of having heart attacks. Some precautions are given below:

  • Read all instructions and guidance note carefully before consuming the generic priligy online. Share all your medical history with the doctor so that he can guide you well with respect to the dosage. Always have the correct prescribed dose to avoid side effects.
  • If you are consuming any other medicine or undergoing treatment for some other medical disorder then there are quite chances that dapoxetine may react with the other medication.
  • If the medicine makes you experience severe side effects do not take chances and seek medical help. Also stop the dosage immediately in case of severe reactions.


 Side effects caused with high dosage of Dapoxetine 60mg (Priligy):


There are side-effects of every medicine so Generic Priligy also has some side effects which includes dizziness, urticarial, lethargy, insomnia, skin rash ,fatigue, tremor, anxiety, diarrhea ,dry mouth etc.

  • The degree or level of side effects may differ from person to person. For some it may be more and for some it may be less.
  • In some cases the side effects may be so severe that they cause suicidal tendencies and mania.
  • If the side effects persist for more time kindly consult your doctor.
  • In case you experience state of excitement, nausea or convulsions contact the doctor immediately.
  • All said and done the as far as the records go the side effects of this medicines are minimal.


Warning safety measure take before use of Priligy Online:


  • Do not use priligy generic if-you are allergic to any of the contents included in the medicine. In case you are suffering from kidney or liver problems then have minimal dose or take a doctor advice.  Similarly heart patients should seek special advice from doctor before consuming the medicine. If you have issues as respect to erection like painful erection then again consuming this medicine is a dicey issue.
  • If you have any problem in your reproductive organ like the organ may be deformed then you need to have this medicine prescribed after disclosing the details. Also special medical advice is needed if you are above 60.
  • Generic priligy medicine is not advisable for people below 18 years of age. Keep the medicine in a cool and dry place so that there is no chemical reaction.. Also ensure that the medicine is kept beyond the reach of the children.
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